One of the most personal pieces I’ve ever written, equal to A World Away and Buried Deep (published in Flame Tree) is out today in Metastellar: Where a literary creatures meets her audience and must make a decision. Do you think it was the right one?

Give it a read! My heart and hope is in it.

If you’ve ever watched Madmen there’s a scene where Rachel Menkin talks to Don about a country she’s never been to, doesn’t plan to go to, and yet still has a connection with because of her roots and she says to him “it just has to be. To me it’s more of an idea than a place.”

In many ways, belief in the coat’s existence is how I thought about Ukraine, the country of my birth. It was enough for me knowing the place is there. Where generations of my family lived and suffered. That maybe one day I would see it and if not that’s okay too because it’s there. And now… for me… the streets about which I’ve heard stories all my life are gone. Rubble. I’ll never get to see them, people’s lives–if they’ve survived–are completely upturned.

Lets always believe in the existence of good and manifesting it into reality. To Gogol’s overcoat, it continues to inspire so many years later.

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