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Of Warmth and Trinkets in Flame Tree’s monthly newsletter and reprinted in MetaStellar:

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Less Misery Enough to Bear in DSF:

In Defense of Simulations drabble in Martian Mag:

Feeling Sick drabble in Martian Mag:

Who Stayed in Gogol’s Overcoat in Metastellar:

Call for Help drabble in Hungry Shadow Press:

Completely Automated Computer Test to Tell Humans and Computers Apart (CAPTCHA) in Cosmorama:

Literally in Stupefying Stories:

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The Other Talmud in Strange Fire: Jewish Voices from the Pandemic :

Facing Reality in Third Flatiron

Forget-Me-Not and Morning Dew in Murderbirds Anthology:

Subscribers Only in Dark Matter Presents: Monstrous Futures: or:

A World Away and Buried Deep in Flame Tree:


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