This beautiful anthology Learning To Be Human will be available for purchase in the USA on February 13th here:

In the meantime you can read about what inspired my story and the other amazing lineup of authors here:

Also this is a great song to get you in the mood for my story:

Would you love me if I was a worm/whale/lanternfly?

Say yes.

They came to find love but all they found was death until…

“Full of Sound and Fury” finally available for you to read. I dedicate this to all the spotted lantern flies I’ve killed in an effort to minimize the invasive species and also to my husband. I wouldn’t be able to write love if he didn’t show me how to live it.

Let me know in the comments what you think of my foray into romance.

I’ve been submitting to the Furious Fiction contests for 3 years now. I was once long-listed (for a short then published in FFM) but today my story went up on the shortlist and was actually showcased on the site!

It’s less than 500 words. Check it, and the winning stories, out here:

Mine is the 12th story down. Let me know how you think I handled the prompt!

I have a story coming out Nov 30 in Heartlines Spec I can’t wait to share with you all. It’s a fantasy “epic” told in poetic prose about a pair of lovers rediscovering each other across lifetimes through song.

We are SO close to reaching this stretch goal. Just $6 away! And if you back the kickstarter you don’t only get access to my short but to the amazing stories by Angelique Fawns. Her work is always fun to read. And this is lite-horror so stories you can enjoy with the whole family.

Support it here:

I am proud to share my horrifying drabble published with Hungry Shadow Press. TW: implied SA, human trafficking, rape

Why do I write dark? With the hope that writing can prevent reality. Can improve the future. I write dark hoping we don’t have to live it.

So give it a read:

and let me know what you think. Also, do you get the title?

So proud to say this story of mine will be printed in this anthology all about subverting/place with tropes. Mine is a tropeception.

I play with the trope “it was all a dream” by exploring the idea of dreams as a desire, a fantasy, and a hope that keeps one going in a world where the dreams themselves must be purchased because I fear one day commercialization will bring us there.

I’ll let you all know when it’s available! I also have some other future publications to announce soon.