The anthology I’m published in got an official review! I’m grateful, especially given some of the reviews were less than enthusiastic.

Facing Reality by Yelena Crane

“This was a nicely structured story that protrrayed an unsettling future.”

Check out the rest of it here:

A story can always be improved. The review made me realize where I could have done better. The reviewer writes: ” Five years ago, ninety percent of the world hooked into Virtual Reality for life” but actually that was how much time had passed since Logan lost his daughter to VR, not how long the world itself had suffered the loss of the human population. Logan had been working with the Reality faction since he was young, before he had Jean. I had hoped mentioning the state of the roads would have planted a seed for readers that this problem has persisted for a while.

The writing business is all about developing a thick skin–for constant rejections, self-doubt, unfavorable reviews (which this wasn’t, lucky me!), etc. So live, learn, grow thicker skin!

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