I got a short piece of mine published in a special anthology and it’s finally available for purchase.

The story is about Dinah, an observant woman using her faith to try to do everything she can to save her family from Covid-19. Through prophetic dreams she discovers, contrary to her learning, that there had always been a Talmud written by women sages lost to time because of social pressure. Can she save her mother and other members of her community using the miracle of her dreams or does her discovery doom them all because of heresy?

Strange Fire: Jewish Voices from the Pandemic leans into the crack between the faith we are supposed to practice and the faith we do, particularly in times of crisis. That may look like atheism paired with orthopraxis. It may look like charms and prayers one step removed from spells. It may look like philosophy in the light of secular redemption. It may look like blasphemy.

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